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Belladonna Grave - Behind Despair


Review of the 2xLP version of both tapes from Dark Entries:
Approx English Translation from Θʀ⊿cu⌊⊕ ʀ⋵cøʀɖs
Limited to just 200 copies and a one-off edition! This Belladonna Grave from Los Angeles released two albums last year on cassette, "Behind Despair" and "Spiritual Death", released early this year by the Spanish Oraculo Records as a double EP on Europe. In a summarized version say, from both albums a synthesis of once 7 and once 6 numbers was retained.

Cold synths, minimal and dark, angularly danceable with a clear reference to the electronic avant-garde of the 80s. Belladonna Grave remains an obscure project, also in the artistic world with photo collages and more active, with a certain cold monotony painting a sign of the times against the pale white wall of hope.

The timbre is limited to that, which for some will be a downside, but personally I can taste the pale gray. Every attempt at melody stays here in good intentions and / or is pierced with fickle rhythms, or cancerous and contrarian synth sounds and a singing voice that sounds like a faint echo from what was once an elitist pop program.

In this package you will find 2 ep's on thick vinyl (180 gr), the two ep's are interchangeable although I think "Spiritual Death" sounds a bit tighter, more like perverted or mutated disco than it is for me the more atmospheric "Behind Despair" that opens with the chills of "Häxan.

Looking for obscure minimal? Then this American Belladonna Grave is definitely something for you. Thanks to Dark Entries you also know that not every day the sun shines in Los Angeles, this "Behind Despair / Spiritual Death" sounds pretty European and, forgive me, just because of that also more mature than what I usually imagine with American and alternative. Unicum and rarity in the collection!