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Blessed Sacrifist - "Decade In Dolor" S/S C30

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Deep within a cavernous tomb is the synthetic transmissions of divine figure. Hollow tones of sorrow and loss held together by hymnal chants. An outstretched hand through darkness lies no respite for the damned.

A long standing shadowy figure in Midwest noise lies Milwaukee's BLESSED SACRIFIST. A reclusive operation, behind stained glass and heavy oak doors, there has always been constant work of pure depressive power-electronics. The material presented here "Decade in Dolor" serves as an anniversary of sorts, commemorating ten years the project has been active. Missing are the echoed shouts of personal torment, but replacing is the darkened scripture passage of ghostly transmissions and chanting monks. The rumbling of bassy synths encompass the intermittent static and melt together with distant pianos like a dying candle. A haunting piece of darkened ambience filled with the power of well crafted electronics.

Praise be to he who traverses his own demons, looks to paper word for reflection under dying light, and succumbs to suffering for the betterment of his self.

Professionally duplicated cassette, cardstock j-card, hand assembled with sticker labels. Program repeats both sides.

January 11th, 2018
Art and Layout by S. Hardacre.