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CLOTTING - Fraudulent Haruspex CS NCNH05

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Televisions hum with the sermon of prophets and clerics. Fanatics and followers cling to the vision of divine truth. Propaganda is created with the message of terrestrial Gods. Beings beyond science often worshipped.

CLOTTING's "Fraudulent Haruspex" cassette utilizes slow churning broadcasts of apocalyptic industrial noise, to elaborate on themes of false messiahs and religious cults. Pounding wraths of rhythms collide with static drenched noise, creeping frequency disruptions, and looping abrasive metal. Direct preaching from televangelism gives narrative to the exploitation of credulity, and radioed in vocals read passages from hymnal text.

Artwork sheds light on various figure heads and second comings, adorned with religious iconography and structure, all captured under recording camera. Controversial symbolism from cult leaders show a desire to shock the masses into following, and the naivety only a delusional figurehead can posses.

Home dubbed labeled black shell C20's in clear norelco case. J cards printed on smooth cardstock with hand distressed lyric sheets included.