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Culled/Begravd - Split [NCNH 15]


Digging up rust and burying your psyche in its place. Shards of cold forecast rush past, as you feel the decay grow and build around you. Tombstones carved out of metal, feverishly furbished and arranged before you’re placed in grave.

A hefty split tape from two soon to be stalwarts of Midwest harsh noise. Now a no coast institution, Illinois’ CULLED displays a track of feverish intensity and insanity. Beckoning the masters of japanoise but injecting the cold dirt and soot that only their regional location can inspire. Caustic static, transmissible electronics, and pitch perfect dynamic flow of wild harsh noise.
On the potential last release for the project, Ohio’s BEGRAVD buries us under a mountain of rotten dirt. A track of dense but dynamic harsh noise. Crumbling coffin walls of crunch and soil filling your lungs as pieces of rock and metal pierce your ears. Plenty of low end rumble for the purists with enough textural changes and shifts to keep the listener engaged but crushed under weight by each shovel of dirt.

CULLED is: Dan Williams/ Eric Witt - BEGRAVD is: Alex Ford

Professionally duplicated C20 cassette. White shell with sticker label. Printed Cardstock j-cards. Art and layout by S. Hardacre.