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Defensive Electronics - Various Artists (C80 NCNH03)


Ammunition expended as craft raid the skies. Barricading in foxholes to take a stand. Heavy artillery rains from cockpit over the heads of every grunt, defending the dreams of home.

80+ minutes of live explosive electronics and shell shocked ambience. Featuring : Monowolf, Culled, Clotting with Skyler Rowe, Edwin Perry Manchester, Rush Falknor, and Barren Couples. All tracks recorded live May 8th, 2016. Mastered by Matt Russell at Malleus Sound.

Pro-dubbed white shell cassette tapes, with cover stock j-cards and sticker labels. Each tape contains an 8 page booklet of photos and art. All art pieces have source material from each artist, and is arranged and manipulated by NC/NH for the final booklet.

All design, art and layout by Shea Hardacre (NC/NH Print Division)