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"Grey Mule" By Jesse Smith


"Within death is nothing. Black and Bleak. The Red Worm. The Grey Mule. All is for naught when existence is null."

"Grey Mule" is an 8 page mini zine focused on collecting visual works from Chicago artist and musician Jesse Smith. When not creating art for his hardcore punk band RASH or his experimental/noise project CONTORTIONS, Smith has been at the forefront of bold and impactful visual pieces that strike a particular visual cord. A variety of styles and mediums all collide with the overwhelming sense of dread and life shattering ambivalence that these works create. Still firmly rooted in xerographica, collage & ink/paint, but taking on a new style of intense textural art. This publication gives a sample of his body of work, but leaves room for more death, more decay to climb through.

Cardstock print with 6 different OBI strips, chosen at random. Saddle stitched. 5x5 size.