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Heart of Palm - "DANCER" C20

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"Her contours beckon. Her arch an invitation."

Delicate pieces of ribbon and lace, glide over wet body from an ocean breeze. Within solace she breathes, and she moves fluidly with the confines of perfect grace. However gazed upon by perverse eyes, and stripped down to the perfect soul that she imbues.

The final piece of the expansive "D A N C E R" project is this magnetic offering from Heart of Palm. What started as an audio score for an experimental film piece created by Haley McCormick, it evolved to encompass a zine release, and now a cassette. Presented here is the full "DANCER" track used as a score to the film, coupled then with an intimate reading of the written prose. Lastly, an extended rough version of the score is presented un-edited for further solace in beauties dream.

Soft melodies drift over manipulated tape. Fragile textures collide with serene ambience. Stunning and heavenly synths shine over purest body.

"She is purity. She is sterility. She is but a dance. Her."

Professionally duplicated cassette, glossy cardstock j-card, hand assembled with sticker labels. Program repeats both sides.

Spoken word on "Lucent Arch (Purity) by Haley McCormick.
All sounds by Heart of Palm (Shea Hardacre).
Art and layout by SH in collaboration with HM.