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Heart of Palm - "Demo" (C30 NCNH02 Second Press)

$5.00 / Sold Out

Grey clouds roll in over sandy beaches and tan flesh. Cocktails grow warm and fruit spoils. Naked bodies dried by poolside. Chlorine stings eyes weary of waters givings.

Heart of Palm debuts with a 3 track demo of melancholic tropical ambience. Ripe with tones and textures leaving you thirsty for a coconuts milk, and drowning in pools of post industrial malaise.

A side project from No Coast / No Hope operator Shea Hardacre (CLOTTING), Heart of Palm hopes to pleasure a fantasy of ambient musique concrete. Inspired and driven by tiki culture and tropical vibes. But twisted and warped by the artists depressive vision.

Each tape comes with a card stock laser printed j-card and fold out "centerfold" poster on milkweed paper. Featuring ink stamped pro-dubbed white shell cassettes. Program repeats both sides.

Second edition press of 50.