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Juhyo - Thought Reform

$6.00 / On Sale

"I saw Juhyo at one of the first live noise shows I ever attended. They set up two tables in a dark basement, overflowing with bizarre contraptions and seemingly home-built electronics, and proceeded to completely captivate me for nearly 30 minutes. I've been hooked ever since, and I'm happy to be releasing "Thought Reform," the latest in a catalog that prioritizes quality over quantity. Eluding easy genre categorization, Juhyo conjures dense clouds of noise, sometimes minimal, sometimes crushing. They are one of only a handful of artists that manage to combine the mechanical and the organic with such ease. The music, at different times, can evoke an abandoned factory or the top of a windswept mountain, mixing electronic pulses with washes of freezing noise. The final track might be the most anxiety-ridden piece of music I've heard all year, and is a perfect way to usher in the final months of 2018 as the weather starts to turn cold."

Released by New Forces