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Leo Brochu & Hannah Aaron - "Bitter Lake"


Hannah Aaron & Leo Brochu have joined the 1980 Records gang with their release Bitter Lake, a radio-static collage of cut and pasted magnetic tape, a dead-dad-Dada swansong sung in the sign language of toiling hands, a soundtrack of retro-futurism that alarms with sirens and search lights scanning heaps of garbage. The opening track “Mazar” is eerily transformative and subdued, it imagines the imaginations of cyborgs watching their collections of obscure VHS tapes––I can’t help but think of Harrison Ford chasing down cybernetic vagrants in dilapidated alleys. “White Saxual” opens side B with a somber introduction that is like a frightful farewell into the unknown, cutting mid-memory into the collapsing and consuming mess of sound that rapid fires at your ears. Magnetic tapes catch fire, are extinguished, cut with razor blades, and then pasted together with super glue. This duo of collaborators pushes us from the past straight into a bleak sounding future of synesthetic soundscapes.

Released by 1980 Records