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Matthew Reis - "Malignant Slumber" Zine

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Description and released by Factotum Tapes:

34pg art zine
this is the first collection of collage works by sound and visual artist matthew reis. best known for his sonic work as developerand teeth collection or his work with such diverse musical groups wasteland jazz ensemble,humane qunea orchestra, altars, footbinder, ohio unsemble, muck, heart of the whore, black almas, etc or remix work with +hirs+, water torture, hyrrokkin and others, he has just as long a history of making covers flyers and personal works. while co-running the epicene sound systems label reis created the covers for the majority of the 100+ cassette and cdr releases for epicene's side label ESR. running the factotum tape label on his own ever since epicene's closure, reis has either curated or created the art and layouts for the entire catalog (also at 100+ releases). this collection is comprised of tape and cd-r covers, work from other out of print zines, personal works, and images originally made for flyers going as far back as 1999.

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