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No Notice 2017 - By Shea Hardacre


The continuation of a series. No Notice is a print compilation of works by NC/NH operator Shea Hardacre. Each piece crafted for public show notice and propaganda in the year 2017. Showing growth in each output, trying new formats and layouts, but still blanketed by a depressive texture of true grit. Bold and impactful works falling into the collage and xerography spectrum, but still unique despite the familiar approach. Each artwork presented here sans text, to showcase a body of work that is dedicated and dynamic.

8 page letter sized saddle stitched zine. Xerox printed black & white with recycled body stock and card stock covers.

*Initial orders receive a complimentary mini zine companion, featuring each poster piece represented unaltered with all text and information, printed in full color. Randomly selected color cardstock covers. Limited time offer*