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Rust Belt - "Cold Steel and Dead Crops" C20 *LAST COPY*

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A follow up to the demo tape released last year, harsh noise unit RUST BELT continues in the tradition of caustic and chaotic american harsh noise with the release "Cold Steel and Dead Crops". Influenced by the grating landscape that is the midwest, and impacted by the members of this region crafting equally coarse and corrosive noise.

Two tracks of cold and abrasive walls of sound, with all gears churning and throwing caution into the winter wind. Each piece of textural crunch is another crop snapping under the weight of the changing seasons. Dense and thick, but constantly changing and moving. Moments of cut-up input, frantically mixed and muted, are like the movements of factory machinery. Tones shift just as quickly as the hot slag cools from the welders arc. This is the sound of the No Coast, and all its intense impact.

RUST BELT on this recording was: Dan Williams, Rush Falknor, Michael Cicero and Shea Hardacre.

Professionally duplicated C20 cassette. White shell with sticker label.
Self printed cardstock j-cards. Art and layout by Shea Hardacre with source input from RUST BELT members.