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Rust Belt - Demo CS NCNH04 (ONE LEFT)

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Empty landscape and scratched geography of Midwest hopelessness.

Debut tape from harsh noise gruppe RUST BELT, hopes to fill a void of mountainous, bleak & abrasive noise. Layers of dense static, crumbling texture, and piercing feedback culminate into a wall of depressive sound just like the vast wasteland that is the Midwest plains. Taking influence from the surplus of No Coast Harsh Noise luminaries, but hoping to return a product that would make them all proud. This is our effort to translate the rough and jagged terrain & seasons of the great rust belt. No Coast/No Hope/Fuck You.

Rust Belt on this recording is:
Dan Williams, Michael Cicero, Rush Falknor, and Shea Hardacre


Single sided C20. Home dubbed in the red on high bias tapes. Cardstock j-cards printed and assembled by hand.