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Rust Worship - Predecession II (Last Bay Purge)

$6.00 / On Sale

The second of two Rust Worship cassettes released on Obsolete Units at the beginning of 2019, Predecession II (Last Bay Purge) is a companion tape to last year's Predecession on Skin Trade Recordings. Both recordings here are also from live performances in the Bay Area circa 2014, these from earlier that year than those appearing on the first tape. Each of the sets here share much of the same source material, and though both take a considered restraint to the evolution of the viscous tape loops and teeming samples, each became its own unusual affair. Supposedly an attendee at the performance at my friend Amy's apartment in San Francisco experience synesthesia. Both Predecession tapes along with 2015's Routine cassette on Mistake By The Lake act as a fine window into what I was doing in 2014 before I took a break of a couple years from performing.

Rust Worship is Paul Haney
Art by Shea Hardacre