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"Take as Needed" Zine - Shea Hardacre


A collection of visual works from NC/NH label and operator Shea Hardacre. Performing under the moniker CLOTTING, the pieces featured in this zine were originally included in the special artist edition of the album "Malignant Nation."

The zine features mixed media pieces relying on found paper, collage, paint and ink, to illustrate a world self medicating it's own detrimental society. Each new horror of modern life coupled with a prescribed anti-depressant to help cure what ails you. Each artwork has been scanned and manipulated, to bring a new side effect of its desired benefit.

Features a cardstock cover with inner pages on recycled paper. 5.5"x8"

*International customers. I am unsure of shipping costs for this item. If shipping cost is less than stated, a refund for the difference will be issued.*