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"Trauma" By Matthew Reis


"Beneath the flesh that breaks and bleeds, are wounds far deeper and beyond healing."

"TRAUMA" is a 20 page zine showing a brand new body of work from Ohio artist Matthew Reis. Outside of his well known brand of no coast cut-up harsh noise under the guise DEVELOPER, Reis has been carving a niche of noticeable & impactful pieces of collage art and visual works. Releasing a variety of zines from himself or his label Factotum Tapes, each publication comes with a relentless approach to cut up collage. In "Trauma," a theme is worked through the source material usage of medical photos, wartime horror, personal/physical harm, human portraiture and the saddening beauty of the images that fall between. Both minimal and maximal, black white and grey pages bleed together but also shine through the stress of photocopy bliss.

Cardstock cover. White stock body print. Saddle stitched. 8x10