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"Vile Flora" SPECIAL EDITION By Shea Hardacre


[ *SPECIAL EDITION* Copy of the book comes with a hand painted ceramic display figure inspired by the art and aesthetic of Vile Flora. Each piece is painted using acrylic and oil paint with a clear coat to protect, and comes signed by the artist. Featuring two sculpt styles of a short potted flower, and a tall vase with flower. Also features both a "clean" and "dirty" paint job to mirror the difference in texture found within the book. These figures are art objects reflecting the dripping depressive vegetation found within the Vile Flora book. ]

“Amongst our biota lies the true depressive absence of human life, the pristine texture of organic nature. Amidst a pink skyline does drip a potted plant, unaware of it's power and implication. Through garden doorways and hidden behind manicured walls, gives way to the Vile Flora depicted within."

NC/NH Print Division is proud to present a 40 page art book from Chicago artist Shea Hardacre (Clotting, Heart of Palm). A body of work a year in the making, depicting dark atmospheres of floral manipulations. Heavy black xerographica of source material all focused on plant life. Minimal collages, full pages of toner, dripping ink. An obsessive publication showing the detail of each grain behind every organic leaf.

Professionally printed on Earthchoice Pink 65 lb cover stock.
Staple through and book tape binding. Hand rolled varnish coated cover. Printed by Fairfield Press.
Hand stamped and numbered.